Some People Think You Stink.

Face it. No matter what, not everyone wants to listen you…

Not everyone has time for your opinions.

This is a life fact.

Not everyone will agree with your opinions.

This is (another) life fact.

No matter how cool 95% of people think you are, there are ALWAYS outliers. Outliers who just aren’t impressed or persuaded.

Last week, this came up twice. Not once, but twice.

Once via the blog. Then again when I had the privilege of being a MC (Master of Ceremonies) at a friend’s wedding (I’ll talk about this another time).

Last week I wrote “Girls. Talk a-Plenty. About a-Nothing.” The title itself was enough to start a tiny ant-like riot.

However…  It didn’t. In fact all the online/offline comments & conversations were positive! Errmm. EXCEPT…

One person thought it was a load of rubbish. Literally. She thought it stunk. She didn’t agree with any of it.

Fair enough. She can think what she wants. It doesn’t affect our relationship (she’s my favourite Italian person in the world and this is dedicated to her – LOL).

But what should we do when someone doesn’t agree with us?

Stop expressing ourselves?

No. I won’t let a person’s opinion stop me from talking.

Imagine that…

So many things would be unachievable. I would just sit in my room – meditatively going through every person that didn’t agree or understand me. Just bringing sorrow upon sorrows into my soul.

No thanks.

It reminds me of a verse I read in the bible last week.

Do not take to heart all the things that people say, lest you hear your servant cursing you.” Ecc 7:21 (ESV Version)

Obviously ignore the second part RE servants. It’s the first part we want.

So hey. If you don’t agree with me on things I say. It’s ok!

We’re still friends, we’re still work colleagues, we’re still family, we’re still partners, we’re still church members, we’re still a sports team, we’re still a band.  

Should I stop sleeping at night while I worry and panic about it?


Same applies to you.

Anyway a couple of hard knocks to your point of view will aid your character development.

Admit it. You’re a bit of a weakling! (Joking)


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