At Last! I’ve Finally Got An Outlet.

I’ve realised. I always have something to say.

If I’m not saying something, it’s extremely likely that I’m thinking an essay, but have decided not to say anything.

My friends (and foes) are probably bored (or not) with my incessant…
– Thoughts
– Rants
– Principles
– Ideas
– More thoughts
– More rants
– Jokes
– Jokes that aren’t that funny (according to them. I think they are)
– Spiritual insertions
– Mood swings
– Exhortations
– Excitement of the future
– Analysis

And the so on…
So I decided.

I’ll just go worldwide.
Or Internet wide. Which is basically worldwide really isn’t it.

So why this decision?

Well. 4 Reasons:

1. I always find it interesting to put things in writing. It helps me formulate my thinking and express my thoughts properly while generating new thoughts and ideas. It also helps me to come back and reflect on how I was feeling, thinking and even behaving at a certain point of time. Which is great stuff to monitor how you’re growing up/developing as a person.

2. Anytime I think of an idea. I write it down. I have an idea notebook. (Try and get one – it’s very likely you have thought of something that would change your life. Then just forgotten about it) I wrote down while on the train home from work. “Have to start Blogging!” If you have an idea. You might as well make steps to turn it into a reality.

3. The greatest thing we can do is help others. Hopefully I will say something of interest or of help that will benefit someone else. Writing isn’t just a means of self-gratification through my own self-proclaimed whimsical humour (well…maybe a little). So many people have helped me out just through their writing. Hopefully someway, somehow I can do something similar. Like it’s been said, “It’s about others!”

4. To keep the promise I made to myself. I made a certain promise to myself in June 2011. “Whatever I say or write down, I will achieve.” WOAH. Quite a hefty promise to keep. But I said this to myself not to set unrealistic targets or expectations, but to build up self-discipline (always been a problem). Sometimes you just got to make a serious God-led pact with yourself to do something. Once it’s internalised. It will drive you to do certain things. It’s always interesting what an internal vision can drive you to do.

What ideas do you have? Write them down. What can you promise yourself? You may as well go all out to make these things realities.


3 thoughts on “At Last! I’ve Finally Got An Outlet.

  1. Oh dear Zeph, if you are struggling with self-discipline the likes of me are doomed!;-) well done mate, looking forward to read more rants, thoughts and jokes(hopefully funny :-p)!!!


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