Quite simply, the best footballer & teacher I know.

The return of Thierry Henry has to be one of the most emotional experiences that any Arsenal fan has had for years. Fact.

A lot of hater’s people tried to write him off as past it. But the statistics say it all.

5 games played. 3 goals scored. 2 of them match winners.

You couldn’t make it up. For those who know me, know I have a controlled fixation with the guy.

    But apart from thinking that he’s really really swoon worthy…

He has also got me thinking about the great things I’ve learnt from him over the years…

1. If it isn’t broke don’t fix it. The Thierry Henry goals against Leeds and against Blackburn, are deemed as the typical ‘Henry finish’. He’s been doing it for years. Once you find something that works and is a clear strength for you in a certain area of your life, don’t stop doing it. Thierry hasn’t!

2. It’s always easier when you’re a fan of what you’re doing. Thierry (Yes. 1st name terms) has been harping on about how much he loves Arsenal (even though he upped and left. I’ve forgiven him) for ages. He always seems to be in and about the club, coming back to watch games, talking about Arsenal FC and the fans at every opportunity. This guy is a fan! It’s always hard to enjoy something or do it well when you half commit and aren’t fully persuaded or bothered. Imagine being a fan of the things that take up the majority of your time in life? That would be nice…

3. As you grow and succeed, remain humble. A misplaced pass by team mate in the past meant a Thierry Henry scowl & thrown arms in the air. BUT now there’s been a change in attitude. He even admitted his attitude wasn’t the best before, but he has learnt that no one is perfect, people have different strengths and weakness and most importantly people get things wrong because he got and still gets things wrong! I have close friends & family as well as the Bible to tell me to ‘shut-up’ when it’s necessary. I still need to get my head through doors!

4. Keep Working HARD! Top Goal scorer ever for Arsenal. Probably the most prolific striker the Premiership has ever seen. FA Cup, Premier League, World Cup, European Championship, Champions League, Spanish Premier Division and winner of numerous individual accolades. Sounds to me like a player who doesn’t have anything to prove or do. But read this.

“He is leading by example said Koscielny (Arsenal Defender). “At training, he runs everywhere. It’s like he is 20 years-old. We can see at training that he plays like he was 20 and as if he had just broken into the first team. He wants to score, to help the team and to improve.”

If he’s still working hard. What excuse do we have to stop working hard on what we are good at?

Thierry you’re the best x

Don’t know about you guys, but I’m off to work on some of my strengths.


4 thoughts on “Quite simply, the best footballer & teacher I know.

    1. Def agree Ifey. People take too much time focusing on improving what they aren’t good at. Leaving what they are good at – to lie dormant for occasional unpractised usage!


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