Pause… It’s a Kodak Moment.

Pause… It’s a Kodak Moment.

She said…

“No… I don’t want to do this with you anymore”

“Why?” He asked.

“It will hurt me too much…” She said with pain in her eyes.

“It will be ok…” Was his quiet reply.

“No it won’t. We’re about to create another moment – I’ll never forget.

As I sat in The Silence this week, that script of words replayed over in my mind’s eye.

Easily dismissed. But so true.

We reminisce about moments – we relive moments.

–          The moment he scored that winner

–          The moment we finally get the girl / boy we want

–          The moment you realise you’re in love

–          The moment you decide it’s time to move on…

The good moments & the bad moments. That’s why you have to appreciate photography. The ability to capture a single moment perfectly is some skill.

Moments are God given.

They bring joy.

They bring sadness…

But best of all they bring hope.

I’ve noticed time in ‘The Silence’ just leads to more chilled reflective thoughts… Hmmm.

Create great moments with yourself and those around you.

Preserve great moments by whatever means you have. Photos, video, audio.

So that at the end of the day you can…

Recall great moments.


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