Look. Don’t let your iPad ruin your life.

If only my iPad could cook for me…

Technology is absolutely phenomenal! I’m never lost – my phone has maps on it. (Maps that work btw… Apple)

I’m never unlearned about a situation – I have the power of search via the Internet at my fingertips.

I can listen to or watch practically any video or song in the world via the power of YouTube or Spotify.

But. This seemingly impending move towards a total reliance on technology. Good / Bad or In-between?  

Last week I stood in the midst of 100’s of people with my Pastor and he asked around for a piece of paper… Cue multiple blank stares.

“Paper? Ermm… Nope.”

“Yes. Paper. It comes from trees. So we can manually write something now….”

“Nope. Sorry. We use tablet computers here, try the kiddies church.”

Uh. Oh.

Recently I sat down and read back through some notes, and noticed my handwriting has progressively decreased in quality! (If that was possible its quite shocking already)

Why I wondered…

Well, my 1st thought was: “Zephaniah – people have stopped using their hands.” We type and touch everything now.

Then my second thought was: “Well, actually Zephaniah – people have stopped using their brains.”

I read this humorous quote.

“Respect old people, they graduated without Google and Wikipedia.”

It’s funny, because it’s true.

Imagine having to do half the things we have to do now without being able to just look it up within a few clicks.

Technology is creating a lazy – immediately gratified generation.

There I said it.

All this technology around will either work for us or against us.

I choose for.

(Not to much for though – I’ve watched Terminator, I know what you’re up to Skynet)

What’s your Tech doing to you?

(Written, checked, emailed, uploaded and researched via my Samsung Windows 8 Tablet. Ha-ha.)


5 thoughts on “Look. Don’t let your iPad ruin your life.

  1. I choose for….!! Technology is aimed at making life easier and hustle free. The amount of time you save it’s incredible. Brains are turning more than 3600rpm at incredible frequencies.

    The things that todays phones and tablets are doing now are things I imagined would occur after my generation…


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