Have you had your Quarter of a Century Panic yet?

You’re only as old as you think you are… apparently.

So a good question to keep asking yourself is…. “How old are you in your head <insert your name here>?”

Why? Well… even though life is serious, it’s also interesting, and the young of heart (not immature) it seems – enjoy it more.

In my head I’m about 12 years old. (shock)

However, my birth certificate reads 15th April 1987, making me 25 years old as of last Sunday.

And as I sat at an impromptu birthday lunch and was asked to say a couple of life changing words to the people gathered (which I did. Ha.)

I got to thinking, what are 25 things that I’ve learnt so far in my eventful 25 years of life?

This is what I got:

1. Hard and smart work seem to get you places
2. Younger people don’t know much about life, but they think they do (sometimes me included)
3. Most of the things my Mother said to me, turned out to be right (darn)
4. Surround yourself with people better than yourself
5. People tend to stress about unimportant things that have already happened or haven’t even happened at all.
6. Disciplined people are people worth envying
7. Laziness could be the end of the brightest genius.
8. Charm gets you to a lot of places
9. It’s about who you know
10. It about what you know
11. Well. It’s about both really
12. Genuine smiles are attractive.
13. Don’t fool yourself. It’s way too easy
14. People mature at different times. So give them a chance (ladies!)
15. Not everyone thinks like you
16. Not everyone will like you
17. We all make mistakes
18. Life goes quickly – before you know it your 25 and writing “25 things, I’ve learnt in 25 years”
19. Only a few people will truly understand you
20. You lose relationships, that will make you wonder how and why
21. Most people will need to have experiences to teach them their life lessons
22. Never stop learning about life
23. God will keep you giving chances over and over. Human beings will not.
24. If you keeping making the same mistakes over and over again. You really need to ask yourself why.
25. When you’re moaning or complaining. The problem may be you.
26. Life, health, people, relationships, finances are all short-term and can disappear at any time.
27. It only takes a moment for life to change. Keep the believing.
28. We do win in life, it’s just easier to remember the defeats.
29. Don’t be boring
30. God won’t give up on you.

Ok. Make that 30 things in 25 years 😉

Agree or Disagree? Feel free to leave a comment on any valuable things you may have learnt.


3 thoughts on “Have you had your Quarter of a Century Panic yet?

  1. The day I realised that not everybody liked me… was quite the shock! I always remember what Jesus Christ said in the Gospel of Luke. “Woe to you when everbody speaks well of you.”


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