Thinking about Understanding



UK /ˌʌn.dəˈstæn.dɪŋ/

⁃ Knowledge about a subject, situation, or about how something works
⁃ Sympathetic awareness or tolerance
⁃ A psychological process related to an abstract or physical object, whereby one is able to think appropriately and use adequate concepts to deal with that object.

Some of the ways I think about improving my level of understanding:

1. Go over the same thing over and over again over a prolonged period of time*
2. Staying, learning and mediating on a topic for a long time, rather than moving quickly to something new**
3. By asking questions to people who show an open understanding of topics, or who have over time demonstrated and shown success in specific areas, and then allowing them to speak and get into their flow over time
4. By staying around people of understanding for a long time or for prolonged periods of time especially when they are executing or planning an idea, project or plan
5. By praying everyday for a mindset and Spirit of Understanding
6. By having and demonstrating belief in a person of understanding and going along with what they are saying and/or doing , even though it may not make any sense to you at the current stage

*Dag Heward Mills — The determinants
** Dag Heward Mills — The determinants