I Steal My Friends Stuff

It’s Tuesday evening and I’m literally laughing out loud… Why? One of my friends is being man-handled & verbally abused by our mutual friend. They were running late to meet up and she was about 45mins behind time (please see The Failures of Running on Black Man’s Time) so our friend wasn’t best pleased. So she let rip. “This is unacceptable.” “Why are you running late? In fact it doesn’t even matter.” “Actually, answer it?” What was so important?” Friend answers. “That’s not good enough”. Was the straightforward cutting reply. I got the distinct feeling that no answer would have been good enough. The girl is a bulldog. Averse to nonsense. Which is good (when used correctly), she will make a great CEO one day. Because quite frankly, being as intelligent as she is, while bordering on being as insanely scary as she is, is quite the fearsome combination. A boss that has the potential to make employees cry… Look no further. But you know what. I like it. It’s cool. In fact, I admire the leadership quality. Recognising the admirable traits and qualities in your friends is awesome. Not only do we acknowledge their skill set but we can learn to build own strengths or manage our weakness through them – our own friends! Giving you & I the perfect opportunity to steal. You’ve seen it happen right? A young man who is totally bereft in any skill relating to females, befriends the local Casanova – becomes the local Casanova. This can be applied to the more useful things in life as well. (The above example is a waste of time in the long run. Let’s just be honest with ourselves. See wisdom from the wise man himself. Proverbs 5:18-20) I will unashamedly be stealing my friends stuff.

  • The strong speaker – How does he do it?
  • The well organised one – How does she do it?
  • The polymathic one – How did they learn it?
  • The legally prosperous one – How did they get there?
  • The happy one – How do you react like that?
  • The faith-filled one – How do you connect like that?

I’m coming to steal from you all. After all imitation is the greatest form of flattery…. Isn’t it? #pragma

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