Things aren’t always as they appear…

War, corruption, a political time bomb…

What are your first thoughts when you think of Israel?

Most certainly not a place you or I should be going to visit.

I Did…

Contrary to popular belief, I didn’t spend my time ducking and diving flying bombs. Neither did I feature on CNN running uncontrollably through the streets of Palestine as the latest wave of insurgents demonstrated their political angst.

Obviously the reality is that Israel is a nation highly divided.

Experienced on my visit to Bethlehem. Soldiers, guns, poverty… You could feel the nervousness in the air – it was a melting pot. I didn’t stay too long and to be honest, was relieved to leave.

But aside from the couple of hours spent there, the 6 days I spent in Israel were spectacular.

Israel is a beautiful land, filled with so much history, and personally as a Christian, relative history. All these places I read about were coming alive! Amazing experience.

Aside from the faith aspect, for anyone who wants to travel, Israel should be on your list. Go and take in the landscapes, architecture, history, culture and so much more – it’s a MUST visit.

It’s not at all as you would imagine.

Go to Israel and trust me at the least you will do these 3 things:

1. Create your own picture of the country. Don’t just see what the media tells you. They have their own agendas. Obviously.
2. Put images to stories. The Sea of Galilee, The Mount of Olives, The Garden of Gethsemane. I read the bible now with visual images. Amazing. (Assuming you’ve read a bible story before)
3. Expand your mind. A smart man told me once. “Travel and see… there is more to life than your current reality.”

If you’re thinking of going Israel nd want more detailed information. Just get in touch.

Where’s my next destination. Hmm….
What places are on people’s travel list?


4 thoughts on “Things aren’t always as they appear…

  1. I think it was the late politician Mo Mowlem who said we should live with history, not in it – she was secretary of state for Northern Ireland at the time, another beautiful tragic place. This is a very useful interesting post. Most people just avoid Israel, but it is impossible to understand what you have not experienced.


    1. “Live with history, not in it.” Wonderful quote.
      Here’s to more people building up their own experiences rather than relying/judging/assuming on the basis of others – Great comment Barb thankyou.


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